Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Fun

Ellie Kate is super amazing these days, like she has been all of her days. She's growing bigger, talking more and more, and seriously on the move. We've been keeping here really busy all fall.

Before Halloween, we went to a pumpkin patch/ farm. The weather turned chilly and rainy on the way down, and we were not prepared for it...so we didn't stay very long. Ellie Kate still enjoyed seeing all the animals and riding on the little train.

Ellie Kate and Daddy

Notice Ellie Kate's first owie on her nose and mouth. She had never walked on gravel before, and she proceeded to face plant immediately.

Does Greg look more frightened of the rooster than Ellie Kate?

For Halloween we had two events. First, we went to ZooBoo. I think EK was a little too young this year to fully enjoy everything there, but she still had fun seeing all the other kiddos.

My little Buggy dressed as a ladybug

Eating dinner on the go

Then, we had our neighborhood bash. This year they went all out adding a d-jay to the normal pizza party, hay ride, trick-or-treat extravaganza. Ellie Kate publicly debuted her signature dance move of dropping it like it's hot. I swear we don't watch rap videos with her!!

EK Cow/ Bull and Daddy Bull Rider

Mommy Rodeo Clown and Ellie Kate making bull face/noises

We've also started Little Gym which she LOVES! And Music for Aardvarks which I'm hoping she warms up to more.

We're going to my friend Marcy's wedding reception in Martin, TN this Saturday, and EK is staying with Meme and Grandpa Jay overnight. She has already spent the night out two or three times, but this is our first time more than twenty minutes away from her. I'm already getting a little anxious just thinking about it.....

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  1. haha cute pictures, lol I'd be frightened of the rooster too, they can be mean!